Complaint Handling

Content Management Group, Llc is the administrator and operator for Content Management Group, Llc does not oversee any of the related Third Party Vendors associated with this site.


If you believe anyone is violating (1) any law; or (2) participating in any illegal activity, or (3) violating the Terms of Service set by this website (, or (4) conducting in any inappropriate behavior that put others at risk or (5) presenting non-consensual content - we need to know about it immediately. To be clear, anyone can submit a Complaint Notification, whether you are a registered user, non-registered user, creator or an affiliate of the website.

There are multiple options for you to notify us about your concerns: 

  • Online- Our help page allows you to submit your concerns online 24/7:
  • Email:
    • Email Address:


It is crucial that complaints are reported promptly for any of the violations or issues stated above. Prompt reporting will serve to enhance our ability to investigate effectively and to preserve important evidence for future proceedings. Our policy states that the website will review all reported complaints within three days and issue resolutions as it pertains to the website within seven business days. Any actions that must be performed by outside agencies may take longer to fully resolve.

Confidentiality is critical to help ensure all concerns and complaints are reviewed and investigated objectively and fairly to everyone involved. Please know that all concerns and complaints are important to us. Subject to all laws and our policies, we will keep you apprised of developments. 


When notified of any complaint that is believed to violate any law, participate in any illegal activity, violates the Terms of Service set by this website, conducting in any inappropriate behavior that puts others at risk or non-consensual content we will begin our review process within three business days, which consists of the following steps: 

  • We will utilize all available resources of the website to conduct a thorough and robust investigation of the complaint presented. This includes reviewing all related media (such as pictures or videos), logs, posts, transactions and possible interviews of creators, users or affiliates of the website
  • We will issue a resolution within seven days based on the thorough review. If the review yields that the complaint is valid then we will immediately remove any media related to the complaint. If the complaint was related to behavior or activity then the user, creator, website employee or affiliate will be disciplined based on the severity of the activity or behavior. Any violations of law, non-consensual behavior, major violations of our Terms of Service or illegal activity will result in an immediate ban or termination (regarding website employees) from the website Lesser violations may result in a suspension to the user, creator or website employee or affiliate.

If the review of the submitted complaint does not yield that any laws were violated, there was no illegal activity, there were no violations of our Terms of Service set by this website, there were no behaviors that presented risk to others and no non-consensual activity was present then we will document the decision and notify the submitter of the complaint.

Any disputes will prompt us to request additional evidence from the submitter to ascertain if there were any actual violations committed. If we still come to the same decision that no violations occurred, then we will use a neutral mediator to review the complaint. The website will be responsible for acquiring the neutral mediator.

No one should be discouraged from notifying the website with any complaint or concern. If you believe that you or anyone that has submitted a complaint is receiving any type of negative treatment as a result of notifying the website, please notify us using one of the methods above.


Your concerns are important to us! We are here to help.